Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a vital part of today’s game. Rugby players are bigger, faster, fitter and stronger than ever before and the right conditioning programme can give your team the edge.



The conditioning focus of the Quarter Final package can be run by the travelling coaches or the Manaaki Rugby Tours New Zealand guide. The philosophy is around developing conditioning sessions which are specific to the game we play and love, without stepping foot in the gym. Sessions may involve speed work, resistance training, wrestling, aerobic and anaerobic work and getting up quickly o the ground.

Sessions can also be individualised to be position specific i.e. outside backs session may look slightly different to the tight forward session as their roles in the game are different.

SEMI FINAL (mid-range)

The Semi Final conditioning sessions can be accompanied by our ‘Conditioning and Nutrition’ seminar. This gives players and coaches an insight into how and why rugby players train in order to maximise on- eld performance. This session also includes a movement screening of all players to determine player movement and mobility and group them into their tiered training groups.

Conditioning sessions themselves tend to follow a format such as;
-Warm up, mobility and trigger points
-Power exercises (catered to the level of the athlete)
-Full body strength exercises
-”Top up” or high intensity interval training
-Core work

Sessions are run by experts in the S & C field and safety as well as getting the most out of each team are the top priorities.

Recovery sessions are incorporated into itineraries to maximise player performance throughout the tour.

GRAND FINAL (top-of-the-line)

The conditioning component of the Grand Final package is very similar to the Semi Final Package with the focus being on developing players into the best athletes on the field.

By partnering with high performance outfits such as the Chiefs, Crusaders and Adams Centre a competitive environment is created within the weights room or training environment to get the absolute best out of every individual.

Recovery sessions are also an essential part of this tour to ensure players are at their best to perform throughout their tour.

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