Food and Nutrition

Food is a very important part of your tour. And you will realise when you get here that the cost of food in New Zealand is relatively expensive. We like to give teams the option to pick and choose what level of service you would like from us when it comes to food. Your draft itinerary will already come with a mixture of options from self cater to team restaurant meals. There will also be times where you can go out and buy some local food of your choice. We believe this is all part of the experience. We can also do the shopping for you and provide you with all of the ingredients to make tasty and nutritious meals yourselves. Below is some information about the options that you might see on your itinerary or choose to add.



Often when sports teams travel there are a few supporters who come along who are looking for a way to help the team out. What better way than to fill hungry stomachs! Grocery stores are plentiful in NZ and you can request your accommodation to have cooking facilities. That way supporters (and players!!) can cook meals for the team, helping to keep costs to a minimum.


Semi-Final and Grand-Final Tours meals are catered for at various times during you tour. Usually we make sure meals are catered for if teams are travelling and/or just arrived to a destination. Otherwise we make sure that the itinerary allows for players and coaches to explore the amazing food options New Zealand has to offer.

Catered breakfasts could include things like hot hotel buffet, fresh fruit and continental. Lunches often include foods like sushi, gourmet sandwiches and salads. Dinners vary to include hot restaurant buffet to sit down menu meals.


We partner with various quality catering companies around the country including Good Things Kitchen, a mobile catering company who cater for the All Blacks, NZ 7s and NZ cycling amongst other high performance teams. The focus of this menu is on high quality nutrition to fuel the working athlete and maximise performance.


Restaurant meals are great to get the team together and share stories and a laugh over a hearty meal. New Zealand restaurants are relatively pricey but including a couple of meals together as a team is a great way for the team to bond.

MUSCLE FUEL (ready to eat meals)

Healthy fresh pre-made meals prepped, vacuum sealed and delivered. These meals can be delivered anywhere on tour.


Semi-Final, Grand-Final and Super Rugby Tours all include a nutritional seminar the highly qualified team at Club Aspire. Players and coaching staff get the best nutritional advice to take away and implement into their training schedule once their tour ends.

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