Our Mission & Company Values

We place a lot of emphasis on giving players and coaches the most high value rugby experience


We have brought together some of the best rugby minds in the country. Our team of experienced coaching experts are qualified and trained to deliver meaningful sessions pitched at any level.


We take the hassle out of booking activities, accommodation, travel, games, coaching sessions. Our prices are all-inclusive meaning it covers everything. With us there is no fuss and no hassle.


We custom build each tour to suit the group. We take into consideration things like costs, rugby playing ability, the time you have in New Zealand and build a tour to suit your players and coaches.


You will find value in all aspects of the trip, from team building and outdoor adventure to specific coaching sessions. New Zealand is the perfect place to stage your teams road to success.

Our Story

Like so many kiwis, company directors, Dan and Hemi, grew up playing rugby, developing a passion for the sport from a young age. They both, by chance, ended up working as high school Physical Education and Outdoor Education teachers, at arguably the most established rugby school in the country. While in this environment they developed many relationships with some of the countries best rugby minds.

Over the years they noticed that many visiting international teams that came to NZ did not take full advantage of what was on offer. Many teams that visited were playing ‘miss matched’ games, and dabbled in some ‘hit and miss’ tourist activities, all the while not really growing closer as a team or capitalising on the potential development opportunities for coaches.

Hemi and Dan put an idea forward to a few expert coaches, trainers and local sport directors in New Zealand, and received a resoundingly positive response.  Most of them stating that they too think that culture and development of rugby in a world sense is a good thing for the overall game of rugby.

They started with an idea to help foster the development of a stronger international rugby culture and have now brought together a tour to help teams and international rugby communities do just that.

The world community of rugby is small but growing, connecting our coaches and teams together is the best way forward.

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